Whipped Soaps


These whipped soaps also double as shaving cream


A little goes a long way


Just add to loofah or apply directly to skin


Sensitive enough for sensitive skin as well


Candy Corn- Speaks for itself and topped with candy corns. Just don't eat them!


Grinch- Green and scented in Balsam Fir. Red Christmas tree a top in the same scent.


Horror Glam- Scented in Chocolate. Red and Orange swirl/


Pee Wee Soap- Grey Soap. Scent is 'Rebel'.  A masculine scent w/ notes of Vetiver, ginger, pepper, pimento berry, tobacco leaf, aged teakwood, amber, dark musk, Cedarwood, and Patchouli.


Lagoon Soap - Blue and Green Soap scented in Birthday Cake Scent 8oz and 4oz


Zombie Soap- Cucumber Melon Scent 4oz topped with green zombie hand soap


Voorhees- Blue Soap topped with white hockey mask soap. Rain/Waterfall Scent 4oz


Brewja- Coffee scrub naturally colored and scented 4oz


Sarah- Purple soap. Orange Cremesicle or Blueberry scented 4oz


Absinthe- All Green soap. Absinthe scented -Star anise, amber, spicy cinnamon, fresh green herbal notes blended with fennel, nutmeg and cassia laid down on a bed of woodsy accords. 4oz