Manson Box


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Marilyn Manson is a force not to be reckoned with. From having a superb knowledge of knowing how to shock the world and how to show adversity when others have tried to bring him down...He is a true inspiration and let's just say Genius. Dressing as he does and his music as it sounds has shocked the world for over 20 years. In 2018  his music and persona still resonate and delight fans across the world. If there is one thing Mr. Warner has taught us; it is to never judge a book by its cover. Manson is quite the humble man and very respectful. His close relationship with his parents has shown his human side beneath the makeup. His lyrics have driven the point across to anyone to not mess with him..or you while you are belting out the words. His gothic and macabre style has inspired millions of people. His art creates fear in your eyes and yet you cannot look away. We at Night Shades Cellar are huge Manson fans, to say the least. I was personally introduced to Mason when I was a child. He was dressed as a woman in his video and I thought, "what is that?" Granted yes, it gave me a nightmare but, I had to know more. When I was 13 a friend was listening to him on her cd player. I asked to listen and it was the Lest we Forget album. My eyes widened and I googled him only to find he was the man I saw as a kid on MTV. I was hooked. 'Saint,' is my all time favorite song...it says to me that I am a work of art and those who try to take you down are the b"tch.


This box is available in a 50 count ONLY.


There are two tiers.


The first tier is the Standard Box. Contains 6 items. They are:

-'Marilyn Manson' necklace from @misfit_mombie_

-'Cryptochild' Engraved Shot Glass from @scratchthatglass

-'Eat Me Drink Me' Wax Melts from @horrormelts. Scent is absinthe

-HolyWood Loose Glitter  @j ]prettiesforyoureface

-'AntiChrist Superstar' Bracelet @nightshadescellar

-'Say 10' Raspberry Lip Scrub @hellogoregeous


The second tier is the Massive Box. Contains 12 items. We have also included this to add an additional item of your choice. You may add none, 1, 2, 3 or even all 4. Optional.

-'Marilyn Manson' necklace from @misfit_mombie_

-'Cryptochild' Engraved Shot Glass from @scratchthatglass

-'Eat Me Drink Me' Wax Melts from @horrormelts. Scent is absinthe

-Item to be announced from @prettiesforyoureface

-'AntiChrist Superstar' Bracelet @nightshadescellar

-'Say 10' Raspberry Lip Scrub @hellogoregeous

-'Rock Is Dead' Keyfob @hellogoregeous

-'Nails (Man) That You Fear' Nail decals @littleblackbats

-'Sweet Dreams' Ring @prettyghouls

-'Stars in the 'Dope Show'' Nail Polish @zombieclawpolish

-'The Nobodies' Bath Bomb @nightshadescellar

-'Saint' Makeup Brush Cleaner @nightshadescellar


Optional Add Ons

-'Coma White' Mug $15 ONLY 2 AVAILABLE

-'Lest We Forget' Towel $12 ONLY 2 AVAILABLE

-Marilyn Mason Hoodie $20 Please note we only have 2 XLS AND 1 LARGE. MARK WHICH ONE YOU WOULD LIKE IN THE MEMO

-Marilyn Mason Skirt- $17.00 Please note size on order. WE ONLY HAVE 1 SMALL AND 1 LARGE. PLEASE LEAVE SIZE NOTE IN ORDER.


Hoodie size reference:

L-Pit to Pit Measured Across when laid flat- 21" inches

XL- Pit to Pit Measured Across when laid flat- 22" inches



Skirt size reference:

S- 26" inch Waist 33" inch Hips

L-29" inch Waist 39" inch HipS


Box Tier
Add On