Blood Sucker Subscription Box


Each box includes multiple Halloween goodies like candy, treats, surprises for free!!!


This month the theme is: Blood Suckers


Ever since childhhod the idea of vampires has always caused a sense of wonderment within us all. Creatures of the night... that can suck blood...and take the form of bats? Such a spooky and wonderful thought! Louis and Lestat, Selene, Michael, Akasha, Jerry Dandridge, Nosferatu and of course Dracula are just a few of the infamous vampires we have grown to love. To be one of the undead who can live forever seems like a bittersweet life. One of amazement, awe, mystery, seduction, and magic. Or it could be a curse. Could you live forever in the shdows as one of the eternally damned? Dr. Van Helsing once said, "Just a moment ladies and gentlemen! .... Just a word of reassurance. When you get home tonight, and the lights are turned out, and you're afraid to look behind the curtains, and you dread to see a face appear at the window, well... Just pull yourself together and remember: after all... There ARE such things!"


The Vampire films we have incorporated into the Blood Sucker box are :

Interview with a Vampire

Queen of the Damned

The Lost Boys

Fright Night


Underworld and


All boxes include the following:

-Bath Melt from @SudsySirens

-BodyButter from @SudsySirens
-Bath bomb from @hocuspocusbath

-Bath Bomb from @nightshadescellar

-Whipped Soap from @twistedwonderlandperfumery

-Pin OR Print from @ragamuffpins

-Pin from @nightgoneblackstudio

-Gel Eye Liner from @babybatbeauty

-Wax Melt from @villianouswax

-Candle from @darkcandles

-Tote bag from @nightshadescellar


We stand by Cruelty-Free products. All shops participating are of the top quality and standards. Each bring their own flavor to this featured box and estimated total value is over $100. 


Available Internationally as well.


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"For the Pampered Goth"

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